Hair Services


Gentlemen's Cuts starting at


Ladies Cuts starting at


Ages 0-10 $8
Ages 11-14 $15
Ages 15-18 $20

Bang and Beard Shaping starting at



Shampoo/Style starting at


Up-do Styles starting at


Braiding starting at


Basic Perm starting at


Specialty Perm starting at



Root Touch up starting at


Full color starting at


Color Correction starting at


California Cap starting at


Half head foils starting at


Full head of foils starting at


Foil starting at

$4 each

Fashion Colors

Pricing upon consultation

Ombre starting at


Balayage starting at


* $10 per extra tube needed and toners

Hair Treatments

Olaplex Treatment starting at $20
Malibu Make-Over starting at $25

Nail Services


Renewing Manicure


Refreshing Manicure


Renewing Pedicure


Refreshing Pedicure


French Style Extra


Stamping Set


Additive custom coloring


Gel add on



Full Set


2 week Fill


4 Week Fill


Eye Brow Tinting


Eye Lash Tinting


Special Occasion Make–Up


Waxing Services

Eye brows








Half Arms


Full Arms


Half Back


Full Back


Half Legs


Full Legs


Under Arms


Massage Treatments & Yoga Sessions

Tuesday 11:15 am- 8 pm
Saturday 8 am- 6 pm

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage uses basic massage techniques to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and to relieve pain. Some of the techniques used are flowing and kneeding motions, cross fiber friction, and can include the use of forearms and elbows.
30 Minutes $45
45 Minutes $55
1 Hour $70
75 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $95

Pregnancy Massage:

30 Minutes $45
45 Minutes $55
1 Hour $70
75 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $95

Stone Massage:

Hot stones can be used to massage the muscles. They help loosen muscles as they provide warmth, which can relax the muscle tissue and allow the effects of the massage to go deeper. A true treat to the muscles, especially during fall, winter, and spring.
Hot and cold stones may be used alternatively for a rejuvenating effect. They can also be used alternately to reduce bruises. This massage may be appreciated in the summer months. It is useful to refresh and energize the body if it is lacking in energy, of if you would just appreciate an invigorating massage incorporating hot and cold.
75 minute Hot Stone Massage $95
90 Minute Hot and Cold Stone Massage $105

Hand/Foot Reflexology:

Reflexology is an ancient art and science used to help restore health and balance, as well as relax and revitalize the body. Reflexology is a special technique used on the hands, feet, or even the ears. Different points on the hands, feet, and ears represent reflex points that correspond to different areas and organs in the body. During a reflexology session, the reflexologist uses his or her thumbs, fingers, and other parts of the hands to briefly press or hold different parts of the hands, feet, or ears. Working these reflex areas helps maintain or restore proper function of the body by signaling the body to work towards balance, or homeostasis. Reflexology works closely with the circulatory and nervous systems. It involves working on areas, or reflexes, in the hands, feet, and ears that are made of nerve endings and blood vessels
30 Minute Session $45
45 Minute Session $55
1 Hour Session $70
75 Minute Session $85
90 Minute Session $95
1 Hour Session with Hot Stones $80
75 Minute Session with Hot Stones $95
90 Minute Session with Hot Stones $105
*add 10 minute foot soak and salt scrub/essential oil $15

Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, or Craniosacral Therapy:

Reiki is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki involves the practitioner laying his or her hands on the client or just above the client to help the client's body heal itself and come into balance. The Reiki practitioner often rests his or her hands over the client's major chakras, or energy centers, including the top of the head, forehead, throat, heart area, solar plexus (area just below the sternum), belly button area, and the base of the spine. Other common areas include the eyes, temples, ears, shoulders, thighs, knees, shins, and feet. Reiki may also be done in flowing movements or patterns over the body. The back and front of the body can be treated, as well as any area of pain or injury. Reiki helps the physical body heal, as well as helps to heal the cause of the illness, which eliminates the effects of the imbalance. In other words, it targets not only the symptoms of illness, but it also targets the cause.
30 Minutes $45
45 Minutes $55
1 Hour $70
75 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $95

Private Yoga Sessions:

1 Hour $65
or $1/minute +$5


Rejuvenate Package
Prepay for 6 1 Hour Sessions $330
(regularly $420)
Return to Balance Package
Prepay for 3 1 Hour Sessions $180
(regularly $210)
Services Sampler Package
Prepay for 1 Hour Massage, 1 Hour Reflexology, and 1 Hour Reiki Session $180
(regularly $210)

Upgrades/Additional Services:
*10 minute foot soak and salt scrub $15

Massage Treatments

Tuesday- Friday 8 am - 7 pm
Saturday 9 am - 2 pm

Massage prices

All massages are individualized to create a custom experience using any of the massage techniques at my disposal and of course your personal preference. Be it, pressure increase or decrease, an area of focus, or different techniques.
30 Minute Massage $25
60 Minute Massage$50
90 Minute Massage $75
60 Minute Hot Stone $75
90 Minute Hot Stone $100
30 Minute Foot Reflexoloy (5 minute foot soak followed by 20 minutes reflexology) $25

Energy Services

30 Minute Reiki/Polarity $30
60 Minute Reiki/Polarity $50
Chakra/Aura Clearing as add on additional $20 (add additional 30 minutes to book time)
30-45 Minute Chakra/Aura Clearing $30

Meet Our Team

Randy Rodrigue ~ Owner & Cosmetologist
Taylor Sinclair~ Cosmetologist & Lash Extensionist
Mary Patterson~ Massage Therapist
Jessica Lint~ Massage Therapist 

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